Mountain Biking

Homestead Trail and Cobb Trail loop

Location: East Boise                  Distance: 8.54 mi            Elevation Gain:  1,690'

This mountain bike ride starts and ends at the end of S. Council Springs Rd.   The climb up Homestead is quite a grind.   There is an average grade of about 9% over 1.72 miles with on short pitch of about 20%.   Getting to the top is a relief!   The next segment is on Lucky Peak Rd.  It's a multi-use road where you might encounter motorcycles, cars or various 4-wheelers.    Cobb Trail is a steep single-track descent with a fair amount of loose rock in spots.  

Cobb Trail ends when it hits E. Highland Valley Rd.  Ride to where it ends at Warm Springs.  With recent housing construction, I had to go east about a quarter mile to find a way to access the Greenbelt.  Ride the Greenbelt back toward town and turn on S. Council Springs Rd to return to the start.



Kestral to Military Reserve Loop

This mountain bike loop ride starts in the Boise North End and ends in Military Reserve.  City streets can be taken to get back to the staring point. 

Trails includes Kestral, Fat Tire Cutoff, Freestone Ridge, 3 Bears and three variants of the Central Ridge Trail.  See the Ridges to Rivers map.

Military Reserve Loop 1

This ride starts and ends in Military Reserve.   It includes Mountain Cove Trail, 3 Bears, Shane's, Bucktail and three variants of the Central Ridge Trail.

Corrals Trail

This text will talk about the Corrals Trail.