Homestead Trail and Cobb Trail loop

Location: East Boise                  Distance: 8.54 mi            Elevation Gain:  1,690'

This mountain bike ride starts and ends at the end of S. Council Springs Rd.   The climb up Homestead is quite a grind.   There is an average grade of about 9% over 1.72 miles with on short pitch of about 20%.   Getting to the top is a relief!   The next segment is on Lucky Peak Rd.  It's a multi-use road where you might encounter motorcycles, cars or various 4-wheelers.    Cobb Trail is a steep single-track descent with a fair amount of loose rock in spots.  

Cobb Trail ends when it hits E. Highland Valley Rd.  Ride to where it ends at Warm Springs.  With recent housing construction, I had to go east about a quarter mile to find a way to access the Greenbelt.  Ride the Greenbelt back toward town and turn on S. Council Springs Rd to return to the start.