Stand Up Paddleboarding

Diversion Dam     

Boise River    Location:  about 7 miles east of Boise on Idaho Highway 21

The put-in is Discovery Park which is just downstream from Lucky Peak Dam.  There is an entry fee since it's part of Lucky Peak State Park though entry is free if you have an Idaho State Parks Passport ($10 annually.  See the Idaho State Parks and Recreation site).

This paddle boarding location provides the opportunity to just paddle around the put-in or cover some distance by heading down the Diversion Dam backwater.

You can paddle in the area of the park or head down toward Diversion Dam.   The dam was built in 1906-1908 and diverts part of the Boise River into the New York Canal.  There is a slight current heading toward the dam but it's easy to paddle against.  Headwinds are usually a bigger problem than the current.  When the river is high in the spring, there is considerable current and waves at Discovery Park.  The put-in is in an eddy so it's calm there but things pick up as you move out into the current!

The water comes out of the bottom of Lucky Peak reservoir so it's pretty cold all summer.


Boise River Through Town

The standard put-in for this float is at Barber Park and the take-out is at Ann Morrison Park.  On hot summer days there will be thousands of people on the river in inner tubes, rafts and paddle boards.   The water is swift in places and careful maneuvering is required to avoid overhanging trees, logs and bridge pilings.    There are also three weirs that form small rapids to negotiate and I get down on my hands and knees for these.    There are a couple of swift sections with small waves and the water is only 10" to 12" deep.   I stood and paddled through these the one time I did this float but I think I'll get on my knees next time.   It wouldn't be good to fall into 10" of swift water.

Little Redfish Lake            Location:  south of Stanley, Idaho